Ancient Hellenistic Armenia
Citywalls built in Zig-Zag Pattern

From the evidence at Artashat and Arinberd we know, that in the Hellenistic period in Armenia fortifications were built in a style different to those of earlier periods. Fortification walls were designed in a zigzag pattern (Tonikian 1992). So we can attribute places in NW-Iran like Gavur Qaleh Araxes, Gavur Qaleh Khoy (Kleiss/Kroll 1978) or Barun to this period now. The city of Uyts near Sisian in Southern Armenia, though badly destroyed, shows the same pattern. It may be no coincidence, that the distribution of these fortification systems is roughly the same as the south-eastern spread of the kingdom of Armenia during this period.


Uyts - Hellenistic City near Sisian with Zig-Zag
Fortification Walls




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Stephan Kroll 28-March-2006

last modified 06-June-2007